Cosmetic Gynecology




Tightens up the vagina and the muscles.


Increased and improved sexual pleasure, desire and relations!


Drastically increases the intensity, frequency as well as high quality of a female orgasm!


Recovers the natural flexibility of the vagina!


Improve Urinary Incontinence symptons.


Sexual partners will notice the difference from the first encounter.


Women at any age can suddenly feel lack of sexual desire, this sexual dysfunction can be the result of hormones changes or can be cause by any other physical or psychological event. The G-Spot augmentation will increase the area where the G-spot is (area where more terminal nerves are to produce pleasure in women).

The G-Spot augmentation is performed by attempting to locate the Gräfenberg Spot. After cleaning and numbing the area with a local anesthetic, Hylauronic Acid (Restylane or Juvederm) is then injected directly under the mucosa in the area the G-Spot was located.

The G-Spot Augmentation is one of the most recommended treatment in South America and Europe where renamed gynecologists have found this practice suitable for many women who had sexual dysfunction related with their sexual past, or hormonal changes.


The platelet rich plasma is more popular in skin face rejuvenation treatments but now we have a new application for vaginal dryness; which uses the same principles of collagen and elastin stimulation to maintain a more lubricated vagina.

  • Most women after the age of 40 began a process of hormone changes that can cause discomfort and vaginal dryness caused by different reasons, so is better to consult our team of gynecologists to find out if the platelet rich plasma for vaginal dryness (treatment) is the right one for you.
  • The concentrated healing power of your own system can improve an overall wellness without using artificial products it is a real blessing to have the chance to use your own blood to improve conditions like this one.

At Aromas Medspa we know this is an intimate matter and you will be advise as need it. Don’t be afraid to ask or if you are not comfortable talking about this condition, just write us a letter or send us an email. Consultation is always complimentary.

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“Genital bleaching is a process to lighten the skin on or around the vagina/penis and anus. Sooner or later, this area of the body becomes frequently stained or discolored. The main reason for this dark pigmentation around the genitals are hormonal changes and heredity(some ethnic groups have more tendency to present this condition). People choose to lighten this skin for a variety of reasons. Dark pigmentation of the genital and perianal area is a genuine and growing concern not only limited to adult film stars and dancers but to anyone who finds the discoloration to be unattractive and choose to brighten the skin, whether they do it for themselves or for someone else’s pleasure.”

At Aromas MedSpa we consider that even when there is criticism about the limits of your own vanity when trying to make you feel beautiful and happy, there are many choices now for cosmetic procedures in all areas of our body. There are clinical and aesthetic reasons that can answer on behalf of your defense, but the reasons you choose a specific treatment are all personal and no one else.

– Alberto Nader
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