Laser Vaginal Tightening

Quite often after having children, women experience a condition known as vaginal relaxation, in which vaginal muscles become more relaxed, losing tone, control, and strength. The muscles of the perineum may also become weak, and lose the support they once had, and internal and external diameters may be increased, causing a significant loss of the friction which contributes to sexual gratification.

Years ago, this was simply a situation which women had to accept and live with – but today there are advanced methods for rejuvenating the vagina, so that muscle tone can be restored, diameter size can be reduced, and a much better sexual experience can be enjoyed.
One of the best of these modern methods for vaginal rejuvenation is the Fotona Laser Vaginal Tightening Treatment. This is a pain-free procedure, performed on an out-patient basis, and generally lasts about 30 minutes, depending on the extent of the treatment. A special Fotona Laser is used for ‘feather-like’ treatment, which gently cuts tissue where necessary, after which sutures are used to tighten some areas.

Following the procedure, there is no recovery time needed, so you can return home and resume all normal activities, except for sex of course. There are no side effects to the procedure, other than the beneficial ones – you can look forward to a much more exciting and fulfilling sex life. For an investment of usually less than $1,000, your outlook on life may undergo a very pleasant transformation, and you and your partner may enjoy a reinvigorated relationship.

Cutting edge laser technology from Fotona makes this non-surgical treatment the perfect choice for women who want to improve their quality and sexual life.Our Fotona Erbium Laser has better results than the Monalisa Touch and the FemiLift.
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